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Excuse me, I have a question...
last updated 06.02.08


What does F.A.Q. stand for?
Frequently Asked Questions.

You spelled Captain wrong!
Yeah, but that was back in fourth grade! Can you really blame me?

What is Captin Shmit a Captain of?
Nothing, he's not a Captain, Captin is his name; note the spelling!

So who is this Captin Shmit guy, anyway?
Captin Shmit was born in February of '00 in my fourth grade classroom on a paper towel. Back then, I drew every day and would draw new characters all the time. The only reason Captin Shmit lasted so long, was that the following year, I got interested in making a website and needed a subject matter. It was then I immortalized him onto Yahoo's free servers for about three years and eventually bought a real hosting package with The rest was history!

How tall is Captin Shmit?
He is about three inches in real life.

Does he have any superpowers?
No, as a matter of fact, he dies very often but usually comes back to life when I have enough time to draw another comic.

This is the worst website I've ever seen!
I'm sorry, but your question must be in the form of a question.

If you have your own question to ask me, just email it to me!

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