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Who's this Joe guy?
last updated 06.02.08


A terribly outdated photo of me.
sup y0. My name is Joe Anzalone and I'm the reason you're reading this. You see, I'm the nerd that created Captin Shmit and this poor excuse for a website. You can read all about Captin Shmit and his rise to "fame" by clicking "bio" on the navigation bar towards the top of this page or by visiting his WikiShmit page. Below the navigation bar is a picture of me when I was only 5,300 days old. On my flickr page you can see a few more pictures of me with my friends and family.

One of my hobbies is blogging. A blog is a contraction of "web log." My blog specifically is a moblog, meaning a mobile web log. Flickr lets me email the pictures from my phone straight to the site. You can see stuff that happens to me during the day right here.

If there's anything else you'd like to know about me you can just email it to me and you may see it on this page someday!