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The Cap'n in all his gloryful glory.

Captin Shmit is the brainchild of Joe Anzalone. He was invented in 4th grade and has been featured in about 3 or 4 handwritten comics since then. Most recently, Captin Shmit has been starring in his own untitled webcomic series along with his family/friends.


It's a little-known fact that Captin Shmit was born on a mother baboon's back in the Kentucky Bluegrass, although he has since lost contact with his biological parents, who may or may not currently be intercity hobos that live in the library pavilion. Do not ask how we came about this information. We just know. These hobos may or may not also be drawn characters. There is also no explaination for how there are so many Shmits, as the Captin was rumored to be an only child. CONUNDRUM. When all else fails, the answer is the Baby Tree, a mythical tree from which babies come from before the storks do their job. What, and you believed that drivel they fed you in Health class? For shame!

Captin Shmit's Luck

In short, his luck is basically nonexistent. He gets killed a lot and trips over things fairly often.

Proper Spelling of "Captin Shmit"

The spelling of Captin Shmit's name has lead to a descent amount of confusion among most people with at least a second grade understanding of spelling. When Captin Shmit was created, his creator was in fourth grade and didn't think spelling or capitalization or grammar was important. (Run-on sentences still don't bother him much.) Since Joe is such a stubborn guy, the spelling has stayed the same for years.

Captin Shmit's Fanciful Journey (full article is over here)

A new point and click adventure game starring the Captin has been announced and is currently in production. It is sure to be quite nifty.