Captin Shmit's Fanciful Journey

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Beta means it's hasn't reached the stage of development where coherent thoughts are added.

Captin Shmit's Fanciful Journey (working title) is an upcoming point & click adventure game being developed by Joe and slated for a mid 2008/late 2010 release. A beta (version is available for downloading right here.

The Plot

Captin Shmit's Fanciful Journey will probably star Captin Shmit and maybe some other Shmits, too. Very little is known about the game thus far. The demo includes little more than Captin Shmit himself, Mexican Shmit's maracas, and a Volkswagen Karmann Ghia.

Help Wanted

If you have any puzzle or story ideas for CSFJ, or think you'd be able to do some drawing for the project, please let Joe know.