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Raptor Llama is a raptor and llama hybrid. With the top of a raptor then torso down a llama, the possibilities are just maybe endless. Other creatures are mixed in, sorta.

Well, what he does is beat video games and animate for Captin Shmit. Currently one Shmit-toon made by him is on the site. It is the only Shmit-toon on the site (unless you include ♠BøB♠'s downloadable animations, but none of them really contain the Captin Shmit). He has also created the only forum topic on the site. Captin Shmit remarked this as the "worst forum topic ever." Shmit-toon (or in this case, Shmiteo game) wise, he is planning a first person shooter in which you shoot the Shmits. This has not been created and is only an idea. Currently, the first episode of a series called "The German F" is in development. It's awesomeness is greater than the current Shmit-toon. So, that is all about Raptor Llama. Now download all his animations!


Shmit-toon 1

Shmit-toon 2

The Raptor Llama logo!